In 1975, Donald Hoan Nguyen was a very successful businessman in Vietnam but had to flee his country when the communist regime took over. Starting over in America was very difficult due to his minimal knowledge of English and the country's economic state during that period of time. After working as as a regional manager for a large building service contractor, Mr. Nguyen decided to branch off and start his own company in 1979 known as Capital Building Services, Inc. today. It was a huge risk but he was successful in creating his own company that has been in business ever since. 
Currently, Capital Building Services, Inc. is responsible in providing service to over 20 million square feet of facility space. Capital maintains a workforce of over 200 employees and provide service to the entire Washington Metropolitan Area from Baltimore, Maryland, North Richmond, to South Virginia.
Mr. Nguyen has passed on his legacy to his son William Nguyen, who is currently the CEO and President of Capital Building Services, Inc. 
Having grown up in the business, William has been the head of the company since 2005 and continues to grow his customer base by providing a high quality of service for a very competitive price. He is to carry on his father's legacy of hard work, commitment and business partnerships for many years to come.